CCA Uses EAP Services to Help Parents Cope with Children’s “Failure to Launch”

Due to a lagging U.S. job market, a growing number of so-called “millennials” remain financially dependent on their parents – this according to research conducted by the Pew Research Center and investigators at the University of Arizona. The protracted dependence of grown children has increased the financial and emotional strain on parents, which CCA’s EAP services have been helping to address.

CCA Assistant Clinical Director José Hevia has noticed this trend, seeing an increase in the number of parents contacting the EAP with frustrations about a grown son or daughter who “appears unmotivated and fools around on the computer all day.” Hevia’s observation bears out the recent research. The Pew study finds that, as a result of the economic downturn, over a third of 18-to-31-year-olds continue to live in their parents’ home, a situation that the media has dubbed a “failure to launch.”

EAP services provide a useful resource for coping with this challenge. Hevia explains that CCA’s counselors empower parents by helping them to set boundaries. “We can help them understand what they are willing to accept and what they will not.” Once they have identified their own needs, they can communicate clearer expectations to their children, laying the groundwork for a resolution that eases family tension and helps the son or daughter more fully develop their independence.