CCA’s Tom Diamante explores “Leadership Development Programs That Work” for The Oxford University Press

Do leadership development programs work?

“Yes they can, when core ingredients are part of the recipe,” says Tom Diamante, CCA’s Principal of the HR Consulting Group.

In his chapter, Leadership Development Programs That Work: Individual Transformation by Design (The Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning) Tom reviews the research on leadership development and uncovers the essential ingredients for success. Business leaders can use the content of this chapter to audit the efficacy of their programs and make suitable enhancements.

Cited as an essential resource for L&D and HR professionals, The Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning has received critical acclaim from distinguished faculty members of Harvard Business School and other top tier academic institutions. It was published in February 2011 by Oxford University Press as part of the Oxford Library of Psychology, a landmark series of handbooks and one of the world’s oldest and most highly respected publishers of research in the field of psychology.