CCA’s Tom Diamante offers critical insight into getting the right information through interviewing

“In the role of interviewer, there are many opportunities to get it wrong,” says Tom Diamante, PhD, CCA Managing Principal.

So, how do you get it right?

Tom’s latest publication, Effective Interviewing and Information Gathering: Proven Tactics to Improve Your Questioning Skills, provides the answers.

Published by Business Expert Press, this book is an invaluable, instructional field manual for any professional who needs to obtain and interpret information gathered directly by and from people. It serves as a tool-kit to help build the skills necessary for conducting good interviews, evaluating the information received, and making evidence-based decisions. Readers will acquire an understanding of research-based behavioral techniques that bolster the success rate of interviews and the legal factors that need to be considered when interviewing job candidates.

CCA incorporates these leading-edge information-gathering techniques in all our services: EAP & Work/Life Assistance, Learning & Development, and Organizational Consulting.