Critical Support for HR & Managers: CCA’s Manager Resource Center

For the last few decades, EAPs have been moving from their original purpose as a resource for managing workforce challenges to an ancillary behavioral health benefit. EAPs began as a means for organizations to help employees handle personal problems so they could succeed in the workplace.

We all lost a lot when the EAP became a part of a benefits package.

We lost more when the mission of EAP shifted to reducing behavioral health costs.

We lost even more when the industry began to consolidate into a few large vendors controlling most of the market share.

Organizations and the HR department lost a valuable resource in helping to:

  • Uncover organizational challenges
  • Manage performance
  • Reduce risk
  • Mitigate workforce stress
  • Respond to workforce crisis and trauma
  • Promote inclusion

When we speak to HR professionals at companies that offer a transactional, benefit-driven EAP, they all tell us that these essential organizational elements are either missing entirely or are limited in scope and effectiveness.

As a result, HR is being asked to cope with increasingly difficult workforce issues without the support they have relied on. These challenges include:

  • A more stressed, anxious workforce
  • A less positive workplace
  • Increasing conflict and employee relations problems
  • Declining job satisfaction

The New American Workplace: More Stress, Less Satisfaction

Before the recession, Americans already worked longer hours than any other industrialized company according to an International Labour Organization survey. Since 2008, average work hours have increased as employers continue to try to do more with fewer employees.

As the LA Times put it in a series on The Tougher Workplace: “Companies learned a lesson during the recession… If there are fewer people and the same amount of work, employees will find a way to get it done.”

It seems to be working – for the corporate bottom line but not for employees:

  • Close to half of Americans (48%) report regularly responding to work communications during personal time (APA)
  • More than half said they often spend 12-hour days on work related duties and an equal number frequently skip lunch because of the stress of job demands
  • Per employee profit has increased 34% since 2004, according to financial analysis firm Sageworks
  • The Baltimore Sun reports that while productivity has increased more than 23 percent since 2000, however:

Inflation-adjusted hourly pay has flat-lined

From the employee perspective, these gains translate into higher stress and lower job satisfaction, which lead to depression, aggression, and counterproductive attitudes and behaviors that contribute to a negative work environment and increasing employee relations problems. Productivity may have increased, but overall performance is suffering.

The APA’s 2015 Work and Well-Being Survey found that 28% of Americans experienced elevations in symptoms related to depression and anxiety. 37% report constant job stress, and almost a third intend to look for a new job in the next 12 months.

To add to the problem, the number of human resource professionals for every 100 employees is half of what it was in 2008 (Society for Human Resource Management).

To help HR manage a more difficult environment with fewer resources,
CCA developed The Manager Resource Center.

CCA’s Manager Resource Center can help your organization perform

The Center’s value lies in helping you to proactively manage workforce issues. Proactive management helps your people perform better. When your people perform better, your organization performs better.

CCA’s Manager Resource Center provides the support managers and HR need to address their workforce challenges through personalized assistance to help your managers and HR staff develop the skills and confidence to effectively manage performance. Our consultants can also help HR identify organizational issues that contribute to performance problems, workplace stress, and toxic behavior.

Support for HR & managers in improving performance

CCA’s Manager Resource Center provides essential performance management support services geared toward not just the clear-cut problem cases but your entire workforce.

These services include training and coaching to improve your managers’ performance management skills as well as consulting on a full range of workforce issues to help them apply those skills. By coaching your line managers through specific situations, the Center can help avert severe performance issues and improve your performance management results across the board.

The tools to manage risk

The Center can help your organization manage the risk associated with impaired employees, workplace violence, and litigation related to harassment, discrimination, and performance management practices.

Consultants are available at all times to provide assessment, advice, counsel, and appropriate intervention in all of these areas

In addition, The Center will address workplace dynamics, performance practices, and diversity & inclusion issues that can help prevent behavior that contributes to risk. Our consultants work closely with your HR staff and managers to train them to recognize potential issues and to handle these incidents properly.

The means to mitigate stress

The Center helps reduce the general level of stress in the workplace by coaching your managers through handling interpersonal conflict, performance correction and other workforce issues in ways that alleviate rather than exacerbate workforce stress levels.

Our consultants can also work with your HR department on stress reduction initiatives, including training seminars designed to improve management skills. Poor management is a leading cause of workforce stress. Many managers are promoted due to technical excellence but may lack the interpersonal skills needed to make the transition to managing a team.

The ability to manage crisis

True crisis management is proactive not reactive. Our consultants can assess your organization’s ability to manage crises and, based on this assessment, help you prepare for the inevitable critical incidents that affect your workforce. The Center can ensure that you have a constructive crisis response plan in place and train your managers and HR staff to manage in crisis situations.

In the event of a crisis, consultants are available 24/7 to help you to manage the immediate impact and, as importantly, advise you on how to recover as quickly and effectively as possible. Interventions, both immediate and long-term, are tailored to the specific incident rather than a standardized, off-the-shelf response. We will also prepare you to handle delayed reactions and the anniversaries of major events.

A resource to promote inclusion

The Center’s consultants and coaches can help managers better understand cultural differences and increase their sensitivity and self-awareness. We also support managers in enhancing their interpersonal relationships, improving the tenor of the workplace for everyone.

Our consultants can educate Human Resources and leadership on how organizational culture affects groups and individuals, including identifying areas for improvement.

CCA’s Manager Resource Center offers your organization access to critical services that improve individual and organizational performance:

Employee Relations Advisory Services (available 24/7)
Individualized guidance that improves managers’ ability to direct employees and provide constructive, development-focused feedback.

Manager Development Coaching 
Personalized attention that enables managers to strengthen their own and their team’s performance.

Crisis Management 
Crisis response and planning to accelerate your organization’s recovery and return to normal productivity.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services
Mitigate risk by resolving the immediate situation productively and training your workforce to handle differences constructively.

Learning & Development
Improve managerial competence within your organization through development opportunities for your managers and supervisors.

Online Development
From the convenience of their workstation or home, supervisors have on-demand access to specialized tools that offer a resource for advancing managerial skills across the organization.

Managing performance is about managing oneself and others.
It’s not an easy job.
Improving performance is even harder.

CCA’s Manager Resource Center gives your managers the tools to do both.