Managing Life’s Challenges

Stress levels are rising. According to the American Psychological Association(APA), almost a quarter of adult Americans report experiencing “extreme” stress levels in 2015, a 33% increase over 2014 (18%).

The APA’s 2015 Stress in America Survey found that family responsibilities moved into the top three stressors for the first time, closely followed by personal and family health problems.

CCA can help. We understand the impact of stress on the workplace and the individual. We are constantly developing targeted services to alleviate the major causes of stress. Our New Parent Support Coaching and Serious Illness Assistance directly address three of the top five sources of stress identified by the APA.

New Parent Support Coaching helps employees manage not only the personal challenges associated with adding a new child to their family but also the professional challenges of navigating parental leave and the subsequent return to work.

Serious Illness Assistance provides a broad range of services to help employees deal with a serious illness, whether their own or that of a family member. Half of all Americans will suffer a major illness in their lifetime. Many of the remainder will have to cope with a family member’s illness. The impact extends beyond the physical health issues to affect virtually every aspect of life, from the emotional cost to legal and financial concerns.

Serious Illness Assistance can help make that burden a little lighter for both the individual and the family.

For more information on how CCA can relieve stress for your employees and help them manage life’s challenges, contact us.