Realizing the Value and Potential of People.

At CCA, we know that no matter how different companies seem to be, a common thread runs through them all. Regardless of their product, service or size, every company is comprised of and dependent upon its people. People are the core of every organization. They are the hearts and minds that think, create, build, serve, solve, manage, and ultimately, advance the organization by advancing themselves.

That’s why CCA has always focused on realizing the value and potential of people.

Our team works with you to drive success by improving performance on individual and organizational levels.

Expertise in People and Organizations

CCA has been helping people and organizations succeed for over 30 years. From our roots as an EAP firm to the premier HR Consulting firm we are today, CCA has helped thousands of individuals and organizations perform better.

We know that any challenge within an organization has multiple causes. Because of this, we approach every issue from several perspectives to shape a multifaceted response that yields results through Strategic Consulting, Learning & Development, Coaching, and our enhanced EAP – CCA@Your Service.

These integrated services work together to create the solutions you need to address your critical HR challenges.

Value to Our Clients

Our expertise in human behavior is unmatched. Our ability to help individuals and organizations grow is exceptional. Our unique understanding of people dynamics combined with solid business acumen allows us to envision and implement better solutions that:

  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Promote positive workplace dynamics and organizational culture
  • Reduce workplace risk

Don’t take our word for it, speak to our clients – and find out why many of them have partnered with us for decades.