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Adaptive Learning Technology Solution for Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Adaptive Approach Moves Beyond Completion to Greater Engagement

Corporate Counseling Associates Inc. (CCA) and Area9 Lyceum are partnering to develop a sexual harassment prevention training course using Area9’s adaptive learning technology and artificial intelligence-enabled platform.

The adaptive harassment prevention training is designed to enable employers to comply with the latest revisions to New York State and New York City employment laws regarding prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

“CCA is excited to be partnering with one of the premier providers of adaptive learning technology,” said Manendra Bhugra, MA, LMSW, CCA’s Manager of Learning and Development, who has been instrumental in developing and delivering CCA’s Harassment Prevention Training to organizations throughout the U.S. “Beyond ease of access, Area9’s platform is conducive to accommodating CCA’s experiential, interactive approach to learning, which incorporates real-life examples, skill application and facilitator feedback. This methodology increases the potential for immediate transfer of knowledge to the workplace, and reduces organizational risk by helping employees understand what constitutes harassment in order to prevent it.”

You can access the full press release here.