Case Centre Recognizes Thought Leadership behind CCA’s Employee Training & Development Programs

CCA is pleased to announce that the Case Centre has selected Dr. Tom Diamante’s Effective Interviewing and Information Gathering as a featured corporate resource. As CCA’s Consulting Practice Leader, Tom has used his research to develop employee training & development programs such as Behavioral Employment Interviewing, a workshop that teaches participants how to objectively identify the best candidate for a job while also avoiding the legal risks associated with anti-discrimination laws.

The Case Centre promotes best practices developed by leading management thinkers from around the world. It describes Tom’s book as a “practical introduction” that teaches readers “how to structure an interview while remaining open, inquisitive and skilled in dissecting intangibles that lead to the discovery of value-added information.”

A non-profit organization serving the needs of business educators, the Case Centre was founded in 1973 as a joint initiative of 22 institutions of higher education in Great Britain and Ireland. Since 1993, the Centre’s U.S. headquarters has resided at Babson College.