CCA and Area9 Lyceum: training that offers the best of both worlds – data analytics with clinical insights, to bring smart, targeted interventions to your organization

We have teamed up with Area9 Lyceum—harnessing the power of their adaptive learning technology and artificial intelligence-enabled platform to bring our training solutions to a new level. Ourpartnership with Area9 offers our clients a unique training experience that is engaging, customizable and scalable.

Most trainings are poor investments because they use a didactic, one-size-fits-all method. Our adaptive learning solutiongoes beyond a general training to actively engage each individual, hone-in on specific problem areas, and create a customized experienced for every single employee.

Our highly intuitive programs:

  • Reduce learning time by 50%
  • Conform to each individual to increase efficiency and user engagement
  • Highlight specific problem areas

And, when coupled with our data analytics, our experts can provide insights into your next steps.

CCA has spent over 35 years raising the bar and redefining quality services through our customized programs, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can help support your learning needs at 212 – 686 6827 or