CCA counselors brave Sandy’s aftermath to provide support to victims

Despite lack of power and widespread transportation stoppages, CCA marshaled its resources to provide on-site assistance to clients affected by Hurricane Sandy. As soon as the superstorm passed through the New York Metro area, CCA counselors were deployed to client locations to offer emotional and practical support to its victims. From gas cans to grief counseling, CCA counselors assisted victims at more than 20 locations from October 31 to November 4, sometimes traveling hours to do so.

CCA staff continue to visit some of the hardest hit areas to help our clients and their employees during their recovery.

If your organization needs post-hurricane support, CCA can provide services to your workforce and your management, including:

  • Onsite group and individual counseling
  • Training for managers such as:
    • Leading through Crisis: Helping Employees Regain Equilibrium
    • Cultivating Resiliency within Your Team
    • Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: Managing Remote Workers

Revisiting Sandy: A Look Back

A year ago, the tri-state area was still reeling from the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. Over the next weeks and months, the recovery process was a study in resiliency, collaboration, and cooperation. Everyone lent a helping hand to those in need, even if they themselves were victims of the storm.

Some of those most severely affected by the storm were also those responsible for repairing its damage. First responders. Utility and service providers. Healthcare employees. Transit workers. These intrepid individuals put their own problems on hold to return to their stations to ensure that our city got back online as soon as possible. But who helped them?

CCA, among others.

Less than 24 hours after the storm passed, CCA clinical staff were on site to support our clients’ employees throughout Long Island, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan. Over the next three weeks, CCA counselors went on-site more than 80 times in devastated areas, offering counseling services in makeshift tents, company buses, and cars because there were no buildings left intact.

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Hurricane Sandy was a crisis of magnitude. At CCA, we treat every catastrophic incident that affects our clients’ employees with the same immediacy, commitment, and comprehensive support.