CCA COVID-19 Mental Health Digital Offering

We are offering a powerful tool to help employees and family members during this challenging time.

The pandemic has caused many mental health challenges to surface. Our COVID-19 platform, available through an app, has been created by our team of clinical experts to help individuals cope with the current crisis.

Each user pursues relevant goals within the app, around topics such as stress, anxiety, sleep, depression, etc. Evidenced-based skills and techniques are provided, helping employees maintain and improve their mental health. Additionally, the offering includes unlimited access to text-based coaching from a trained clinician,with a Masters or Doctorate in the field of mental health.

We are making this available at NO COST for 2 months and then discounted 50% for the following 10 months.

Please see details below about the CCA-wayForward COVID-19 program below:

  • Designed by our team of clinical experts to help individuals cope with the current crisis.
  • Self-assessment to identify goals relevant to one’s situation (anxiety, sleep, depression, etc.)
  • Unlimited access to self-guided cCBT modules that offer evidence-based skills and techniques
  • Unlimited text-based coaching from trained clinicians, with a Masters or Doctorate in the fields of mental health

With regard to implementation:

  • Completely free for 2 months means no setup or roll-out fees
  • The solution can be implemented within 5 to 7 days of us receiving some details about your organization (contact person, employee headcount, etc.)
  • You have no obligation to continue beyond the 2-month period, but if you choose to, we are offering a 50% discounted rate for an additional 10 months

Please contact us to set up a demo at