CCA helps an organization cope with violence in the workplace


A double murder/suicide occurred onsite at a large health insurance company. Management immediately called CCA to provide crisis response to hundreds of affected employees. The incident prompted the organization to question their level of preparedness and ability to manage crisis.


CCA developed a crisis response plan that incorporated a broad range of services for both employees and management, focused on immediate crisis counseling. Once the at-hand crisis was addressed, CCA consulted with senior leaders to discuss best practices in crisis preparation and made recommendations for adapting the organization’s existing policies and procedures. These recommendations included establishing a Threat of Violence Team and providing company-wide training on workplace violence and company policies and procedures.


CCA helped the organization restore equilibrium to the workplace by providing employees and management with the support they needed. The organization implemented procedures for dealing with threats of violence and a crisis-preparedness plan, for handling any future incidents. Training raised organizational awareness and ability to identify and address threats of violence in the workplace.

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