Managing in an Orange Alert World

2015 was a tough year.

It began tragically with the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
It ended tragically with mass shootings in Paris and San Bernardino.

In between, we experienced localized crises including record snowstorms that pounded the Eastern seaboard, race riots that paralyzed a major US city, and hate crimes that horrified the nation. Each of these events contributed to a sense of heightened vigilance, to the sense that we are living in:

an Orange Alert World

And we are. Each new catastrophe increases anxiety levels across the board. Whether an event occurs in our backyard or half a world away, it impacts us all.

The prominence of social media and constant exposure to news ensures that we are all affected, making the sensation of constant crisis very real for much of your workforce. And the more reports we hear, the more each new report seems to disrupt us.

Stress reactions after a traumatic event are normal, even when you are not directly involved. For most of us, these reactions dissipate fairly quickly, but for others, there are lasting repercussions that can interfere with our daily lives.

Even short-lived reactions can be disruptive, especially in the workplace. How many times have you felt like your entire office has come to a standstill? That it has become impossible to work, to accomplish anything besides checking for the latest update?

How can HR and managers minimize the disruption for their employees? How do you manage through the commotion? How do you address the Orange Alert response?

The best way to deal with crisis is to prepare for it. Prepare yourself and prepare your workforce. For whatever 2016 brings.

CCA is committed to helping our clients prepare and respond. Connect with us for helpful tips and practical advice on:

  • Managing through external upheaval
  • Recognizing stress reactions in the workplace
  • Supporting employees
  • Minimizing personal stress reactions
  • Increasing workforce resilience

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