We’re Different!

``Vexing people problems require a multifaceted solution that incorporates interdisciplinary expertise. Having a full suite of services and capabilities under one roof enables an integrated solution that is far more effective than siloed offerings.``

At CCA, we see an organization as a complex living thing, with multiple interrelated parts. We know that most system failures have a variety of causes. CCA approaches every challenge from this perspective to generate solutions that address all aspects of the problem.

Dedicated to improving performance on all levels, our method rests on four pillars of success: strategic consulting, learning and development, coaching, and our enhanced EAP. Each of these four pillars supports the others in building a complete solution.

CCA’s multi-disciplinary team works together to tackle your issues from each of these areas of expertise.  Our team includes business consultants, organizational psychologists, accredited counselors, certified coaches, and HR professionals.

With over three decades of experience serving some of the world’s leading brands, we know this approach provides better, longer lasting results.  But we also know that every organization is different with different business objectives and challenges. Our solutions are not cookie-cutter.  Rather, they are tailored to each organization based on a thorough understanding of the challenge and its causes in the context of your workplace environment and culture.

Your people are your greatest asset. Maximizing that asset — by enhancing Individual performance, improving workplace dynamics, and promoting positive organizational culture — is our goal.  Because when employees are free to do their best work, the entire organization advances.

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