There’s a reason clients refer to CCA as the total package. We offer our EAP clients more. More tailored solutions, more industry insights, more value, more return on your investment.

CCA’s EAP services go beyond the traditional. We provide expanded services for our clients – for both the individual employee and the organization itself. In keeping with our mission, our EAP services are designed to improve the performance of both.

For employees: We provide support and assistance for challenges that go beyond behavioral health. We help with a full range of real-world, everyday problems. Problems that distract employees from working at their best. This approach results in significantly increased EAP utilization which reduces stress and enhances employee engagement.

For HR and organizations: Our consulting expertise guides us in providing organizational insight and support. We uncover workforce challenges through rigorous analysis of EAP data and apply our organizational development understanding to identify the root causes. We support HR with a range of workplace challenges from performance problems to layoffs, crises and everything in between.

See us in action: Human Resources deals with an employee with a mental health problem. He contacts the EAP for support and assistance and finds the problem is more complex than he thought.

Reshaping employee assistance with comprehensive support for daily demands and organizational expertise, CCA@YourService offers employers a new and more effective EAP.
Work life case study: mother and toddler

CCA targets work/life services to help an organization retain female employees

A major law firm committed to increasing diversity, particularly women associates, was consistently losing female employees. The attrition was most acute after female lawyers who went out on maternity leave attempted to return to work. Most resigned soon after.

CCA clasped hands-retention

CCA uses personalized service to increase retention during a major transition

To reduce overhead, a large financial services organization decided to transition its customer service unit to remote work arrangements. The organization wanted to retain as many members of the unit as possible to reduce service disruption. Because of the myriad issues raised by this shift, the organization’s leaders felt that employees would need help preparing for and adjusting to the transition, as well as with managing their initial reactions to the announcement.

CCA stressed case study image

CCA provides on-site assistance to alleviate a highly stressed work environment

A large organization was suffering from the economic downturn, causing repeated lay-offs and a change in leadership that resulted in a disorganized, disengaged workforce, suffering from low morale. Symptoms included escalating absenteeism and increased use of medical benefits. HR asked CCA to help them respond.