Support for New Parents Is on the Rise

employee support mother and childWorkplace support for new parents is expanding in innovative ways. From Mashable to the New York Times, media is highlighting this rising trend in HR. Companies across the country are increasing not only the amount of parental leave available but also the range of return to work options offered to new parents. Shorter work weeks, flexible hours, part-time schedules, and other alternatives designed to help make the transition back to the workplace a little easier are all becoming more prevalent.

With parental leave increasing in reach and length, these transition issues will become more widespread, affecting men as well as women. While flexible return to work options are beneficial, they also complicate the decision-making process for for returning parents.

The real key to effectively supporting new parents is to look at the benefits, policies, and practices surrounding parental leave as an integrated initiative. Depending on your organizational goals and workforce needs, transitional schedules with shorter hours or fewer days could be more effective than additional weeks or months of leave – paid or unpaid.

CCA’s HR Consulting Team can help your organization set goals and determine the most effective ways to meet your objectives, ensuring that policies and practices are consistent and compatible in supporting both parents and the organization.

Additional leave and expanded options clearly benefit the employee and the family, which, in turn, offers an indirect benefit to the organization. CCA’s New Parent Career Coaching differs in that it offers a direct benefit to all parties – including the organization by helping employees negotiate both the personal and professional challenges of the transition.

Coaching surrounding the transition between work and leave can help manage the range of support in ways that will benefit both the employee and the organization. New parents who access a coach are more likely to return to work … and to stay employed for more than a year. Employees report a higher degree of life and professional satisfaction, less tension between roles, increased motivation, diminished resentment, and renewed loyalty to the firm.

Combining the benefits of individual counseling with career-based transition coaching, the program:

  • Maximizes pre- and post-leave productivity
  • Ensures work continuity through proper transitioning of responsibilities
  • Helps parents determine the return to work strategy that best suit their personal and professional goals
  • Increases retention and job satisfaction
  • Reduces the stress associated with returning to work