Who We Are

CCA’s founder, Bob Levy, began his career as a social worker in a large hospital system in the early 1980s. While there, Bob observed the interrelatedness between organizations and the individuals that work in them.

Realizing the impact that individual well-being had on the overall success of an organization as well as the effect that organizations have on individuals, Bob formed Corporate Counseling Associates (CCA) in 1984 with an eye towards both employee and organizational well-being.

In 2016, Bob’s son, John Levy, joined CCA. John had been practicing as an employment law attorney and often witnessed the aftermath of unattended mental health and Employee Relations challenges festering and ultimately becoming larger organizational crises.

John realized that early intervention for mental health issues could help prevent and mitigate these situations before they escalated. He brought this idea of a proactive approach with him to CCA, and it drives our mission today. As CCA’s President, John continues to steer the firm towards new and innovative ways to help clients create organizational cultures that promote well-being.

Our team of experts – ranging from social workers and counselors to HR professionals and organizational psychologists – are experienced at delivering customized solutions with proven results. All are driven by CCA’s mission of promoting individual and organizational well-being.

Meet Our Experts

Full Circle Support for Every Workplace

We are as much an employee assistance program as an employer assistance program, offering customized support to individuals as well as to the organization. Our ability to provide a full-service EAP in addition to high-touch consulting and learning and development (L&D) services allows us to create more positive, inclusive, and emotionally healthy workforces.

Customized Care

Our personalized, high-touch service is one of the differentiators that sets us apart. We are known for our high level of customer service, proactive Account Teams, and personalized communications. We never take a cookie cutter approach to our work. Instead, we design and deliver solutions based on the unique needs of each client.

Our approach to providing whole-company care incorporates our multidisciplinary background in organizational psychology, learning & development, clinical social work, and more.

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