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Invest in your people so they can move your company forward.

Every organization has mission-critical employees. From frontline managers to C-suite leaders, these employees can propel a business forward or thwart progress, damaging its reputation and threatening revenue in the process.

If you’re looking to align the leadership style of a new COO with the culture of your organization, improve a manager’s communication skills, or correct the performance issues of an employee, we are here to help.

Proven Success Strategies

CCA’s Executive Coaches employ a systemic approach and methodology that considers the organization’s needs, key stakeholders, and of course, the individual. Our process incorporates setting clear, attainable behavioral goals, conducting standardized personality assessments, soliciting 360-degree feedback, and developing a targeted strategy to achieve goals and change behavior.
Whether a CEO needs to sharpen their communication skills, or a project manager requires guidance on how to give constructive feedback, we develop specific strategies to meet the objectives and needs of each individual.

Tailoring Our Coaching to Meet Your Needs

One-on-one coaching helps unlock a person’s potential by focusing on their individual challenges and goals. Positive, sustainable change requires personalized attention and direction. Our expert coaches provide stimulating sessions in a safe environment, where participants feel open to sharing their experience and to being challenged to learn new skills.


Successful leaders inspire a successful organization. Our executive coaches, all licensed clinicians, work one-on-one with your people. Every company has different objectives when it comes to coaching. We work to understand the specific needs of your leaders and organization to provide a comprehensive, tailored solution. Developed for over 30 years, our methodology helps today’s managers become tomorrow’s leaders by providing them with exceptional support and guidance.

Critical Insight

Participants complete standardized assessments to determine areas of strength and weakness. Behavioral style and preferences are looked at in the context of the work environment.

360° Feedback

Participants receive performance feedback from multiple sources including coworkers, peers, managers, and subordinates, which helps lay the foundation for improvement.

Attainable Goals

Based on data from the 360 feedback, the standardized assessment, and through collaborative work, the coach and client together create a series of behavioral goals and action steps. The coach then continues to work with the participant around any barriers and helps them to achieve their stated goals.

How it works

To customize the most effective coaching programs, we begin with an in-depth analysis of both organizational and individual needs. An overview of your organizational issues is vital to producing an effective solution.

Structured interviews


360° Feedback – performance feedback from multiple sources including coworkers, peers, managers, and subordinates. Formal assessment tools such as DiSC, and Five Behaviors are also utilized.

Coach Roster


We hand-pick coaches that are best suited to execute the behavioral improvements of each individual, in order to achieve the objectives of your organization.



Our coaches create customized development plans and lead engaging sessions, either in-person or virtually. Together, the employee and coach set a series of behavioral goals they can gradually achieve.



Participants receive ongoing feedback from multiple sources which helps lay the foundation for continuous improvement. The coach works with the employee to help incorporate feedback, readjust goals as necessary, and make recommendations for next steps.

Targeted strategy for continuous growth


Customized plans to sustain positive behavior change are implemented.

What Our Clients Say About Us

What Our Clients Say About Us

CCA is a go-to coaching resource for ADL. The psychotherapy background of their coaches coupled with their practical, business-focused approach makes them a highly effective and valued partner.

Tom Ruderman
SVP, Human Resources, Talent & Knowledge

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Meet Our Experts

Thought leaders with deep experience, our team of organizational psychologists, behavioral specialists, coaches, and learning professionals are at the center of everything we develop.

Meet our experts

Manendra Bhugra, LMSW

Vice President, Organizational Development & Learning

Jay Sandys, PhD, LCSW, ACC

Vice President, Organizational Development & Learning

Valerie Carroll, LCSW

Assistant Manager, Learning & Development

Beyond Coaching

Many factors work together to create a positive organizational culture. We believe that coaching has the greatest impact when combined with our EAP, training, and consulting solutions. A complete strategy will yield the most transformational improvements for your company.


Well-being support for the individual and the organization.


Interventions designed to facilitate change.

Learning and Development

Increase knowledge and improve performance.

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