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At CCA, we recognize that energy and utility companies require an EAP that can support their mission of delivering essential services to the community while also promoting employee health and wellness, protecting public safety, and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

CCA has been working with the energy industry for over 35 years. We understand their unique stressors – operating 24/7 in a highly regulated and safety sensitive environment.  We know the importance of collaboration in building a successful EAP. We partner with key stakeholders at our energy organizations, including union leadership and employees, Human Resources, Safety, Employee Relations, and more. We are so committed to working within this industry that we have developed a CCA Energy Task Force to help us better understand the needs of the industry and develop services to address them. This task force comprises leaders in the field and meets regularly to identify, address, and share information around mental health and people challenges in the industry.

We have created several customized programs to address some of the challenges we have uncovered, such as substance abuse, conflict in the workplace, communication, and reducing mental health stigma.

Assisting the Energy Workforce

We are dedicated to responsively addressing the needs of not only employees and their family members but also managers, supervisors, and Human Resources staff.

Our team of industrial, organizational, and counseling psychologists, behavioral experts, and training professionals identifies pressing workforce needs and designs and implements innovative, customized programs and solutions for our energy clients, which include:

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training

DOT Compliance and Substance Use Resources

Covid-19 Support Programs

Crisis Response Initiatives

Conflict Mitigation and Team Building

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Dedicated Assistance

Dedicated Assistance

Each organization is assigned a dedicated Account Executive (AE) who partners closely with HR and leadership to help them manage and support their workforce. Through consultations on workplace challenges such as job performance problems, substance abuse, conflict, potential violence, and more, CCA helps build a positive workplace culture.

Counseling services for employees and family members build resilience and emotional well-being. Support is available 24/7, ensuring employees working on all shifts have easy access to care. In-person and virtual appointments are offered to reach employees wherever they are working – in the office, in the field, or remotely. Support is not only provided for mental health concerns but also for all types of challenges including childcare, eldercare, daily living, and legal/financial concerns.

Onsite Support

Our onsite counselors offer easy access to care for busy energy workers. Dedicated counselors offer EAP services at your worksite; they get to know your organization, staff, and culture. They provide counseling, training on a range of topics, and crisis support for emergencies and critical events.

Behavioral Risk Mitigation

At CCA, we use advanced data analytics to proactively help our clients mitigate loss from behavioral risk. We enhance organizational health and human capital using a comprehensive 4-step process.


Our team reviews, aggregates, and synthesizes information provided by the organization (ex., vendor utilization reports, plan documents, and HR/claims data).

Safety Heat Map

We chart hotspots such as business units, locations, departments, and job classes where risk scores are high and where safety is a factor.


Our Organizational Development consultants recommend interventions that are proven to affect positive behavior change among at-risk cohorts.


We provide a detailed summary that outlines opportunities for prospective savings, overpayment recovery, and more.

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Proven Success

CCA has extensive experience serving energy and utility institutions including:

What Our Clients Say About Us

What Our Clients Say About Us

The level of responsiveness and customer service provided by CCA makes us feel like we are their only client. In addition to the professional and compassionate support provided on a regular basis for our employees, CCA has gone far above and beyond with customization and delivery of onsite programs to support our Mental Wellbeing initiatives.

Tracy M. Forde, Wellbeing Program Manager
National Grid

Meet Our Experts

Thought leaders with deep experience, our team of organizational psychologists, counselors, coaches, and learning professionals are at the center of everything we develop.

Meet Our Experts

Jay Sandys, PhD, LCSW, ACC

Vice President, Organizational Development & Learning

Peter Haber, LCSW

Director, Clinical Consultations

CCA’s Services

Our team designed these comprehensive services using our company’s core mental healthcare solutions. Explore these solutions to learn more about what we can do for your business.


Well-being support for the individual and the organization.

Learning and Development

Increase knowledge and improve performance.


Interventions designed to facilitate change.


Building tomorrow’s leaders.

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Specialized Services

CCA works in all industries; however, our experience has given us insight into the unique challenges the Healthcare, Energy, and Entertainment industries face. That’s why we offer specialized services that cater to their specific needs.

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