CCA Supports an Energy Organization with Team Conflict


An energy organization requested support for a department experiencing ongoing team conflict which was creating chronic arguments, reduced employee engagement, low morale, and concerns for workplace safety.


CCA consultants completed a comprehensive assessment of the team, interviewing all employees, supervisors, and leadership. CCA’s findings revealed several inter-related issues. The department had lost 3 key staff members in the previous year. They were short staffed, overburdened and stressed. Supervisory staff did not have the authority to make much needed, in-the-moment decisions about work assignments and overtime. Most staff members felt isolated. They often worked in the field and had little opportunity to come together as a team.

CCA’s solution included several programs. Team members took part in multiple training sessions on improving communication and team building. Managerial staff participated in a 6-month coaching process to improve their supervisory skills, particularly communication and delegation. All team members participated in a stress management/resiliency training program.

Structural changes were made including replacing staff members who left, initiating all-team meetings, and including employees in decision making, in certain areas.


Interviews were conducted with participants at assessment and after CCA’s interventions were completed. All participants self-reported improvement (to varying degrees) in the areas of team dynamics, stress management, communication, and overall job satisfaction.

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