At CCA, our goal is to help you create an environment where employees feel free to do their best work.

As experts in human and organizational behavior, our team works with you to establish and achieve strategic goals for your culture, your people, and your business. Together, we develop solutions that promote positive workplace dynamics and enhance engagement across your entire organization.

We start with a big picture view, to understand where your organization is today and where it needs to go. We work with you on a macro level to develop strategies to ensure that your culture supports your goals and that your policies and procedures support your culture. And, perhaps most importantly, we work on a micro level with individuals to ensure those policies and procedures are executed appropriately – at all levels.

Because we see an organization as a complex living thing, with multiple interrelated parts, CCA’s team utilizes a diverse range of expertise to create multifaceted solutions that generate sustainable change for your organization.

CCA Partners with executive team case study image

CCA partners with executive team to transform an organization’s culture

A financial services company was struggling to manage conflict more effectively, especially considering recent pressures caused by economic and regulatory changes. Employees and executives alike felt that addressing conflict directly was at odds with their “polite” culture. As a result, conflict situations tended to be poorly managed or ignored altogether.

CCA uses insight case study image

CCA uses insight to create an improved working environment

A department head threatened to lodge a wrongful discrimination complaint against an organization. Senior management asked CCA to assess the situation and develop recommendations for moving forward.