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Our goal is to help your workforce thrive.

CCA Consulting is powered by our deep expertise in both individual and organizational psychology. Our team of organizational psychologists, behavioral health coaches, facilitators, and industry-specific consultants understand what sparks behavioral change. After a comprehensive assessment of your business needs, we develop customized solutions aimed at improving performance, motivating employees, and promoting a positive workplace culture.

Addressing Critical Workplace Issues

We take a proactive approach to consultation, directed at supporting you in achieving positive change. Our services focus on these critical workplace topics, which reflect our breadth of experience, subject matter expertise, and value systems:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We provide assessment, workshops, and advisory and coaching services, all designed to increase awareness, fairness, and transparency in the workplace.

Team Building

Using evidence-based instruments such as DiSC © and Five Behaviors © as well as clinical and organizational expertise, we deliver interventions that address team conflict and foster team cohesion.

Conflict Resolution

Our services utilize coaching and mediation, workshops, and expert analysis to uncover and address factors that contribute to unproductive conflict.

Performance Management

Our Learning & Development workshops are highly interactive and customizable, delivered by experienced corporate facilitators who are also clinicians.

HR and Manager Support

Our consultants partner with leaders to address high stakes workplace issues such as mental health, substance abuse, organizational change, and more.

HR Compliance

From harassment prevention to substance abuse, we help ensure your organization’s policies, practices, and procedures promote a culture of well-being.

How it works

Our Process: Designed to facilitate change. We implement customized solutions which can include workplace change initiatives, coaching, training, leadership guidance, and more. Our aim is to collaborate with you to create practical solutions. The process and the steps vary, depending on the type of project, and can include these and other components:


Our team of consultants meet with you to assess your organization’s unique needs, and goals. We tailor interventions, content, and solutions specifically for you, collaborating with you to define goals and outcomes to deliver tangible, sustainable results.


CCA’s comprehensive assessment includes two primary phases: an HR-focused assessment and a staff assessment. In order to obtain the most in-depth information, CCA employs an iterative process that uses data obtained in each part of the assessment to inform the next.


Data obtained from diagnostic tools used during the assessment phase (review of company policies, employee surveys, focus groups and one-on-one structured interviews) will be analyzed and used to inform recommendations for organizational changes, as well as how to provide ongoing support for these initiatives.


CCA will meet with key stakeholders to assess needs, capture ideas, and ensure buy-in. This collaboration allows us to establish mission critical goals as well as facilitate execution of strategic interventions.

Evaluating Progress

CCA employs a range of strategies for evaluating each initiative, including performance metrics and progress tracking tools. Additionally, our consultants follow-up at regular intervals to evaluate progress, provide continued support, and identify any necessary next steps.

Follow Up

Our work does not end once an initiative has been implemented. We carefully evaluate the outcomes and make recommendations for next steps and wraparound support, to ensure that changes will be sustained.

What Our Clients Say About Us

What Our Clients Say About Us

Expanding the museum required a sizable culture change, two complete relocations, and significant increases in workload. Through several leadership and management development initiatives, CCA helped our managers and leaders reconnect and learn new approaches that helped them work more effectively and bring the institution into the future.

Leslie Stabiner
Director, Training & Development, Museum of Modern Art

Data-Driven Analysis Pays Off

We are invested in mitigating liability by reducing behavioral risk and enhancing workplace well-being. Our assessment and data analysis enable us to tailor solutions to the organization’s desired outcomes with a fierce commitment to quality, scalability, and function.

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Meet Our Experts

Thought leaders with deep experience, our team of organizational psychologists, behavioral specialists, coaches, and learning professionals are at the center of everything we develop.

Meet our experts

Manendra Bhugra, LMSW

Vice President, Organizational Development & Learning

Jay Sandys, PhD, LCSW, ACC

Vice President, Organizational Development & Learning

Integrated Solutions

There are many complex challenges to building, leading, and maintaining a positive workplace culture. We believe our consulting services have greater impact when integrated with our EAP, training, and coaching solutions.


Well-being support for the individual and the organization.

Learning and Development

Increase knowledge and improve performance.


Building tomorrow’s leaders.

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