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The fast-paced nature of producing creative entertainment requires immediate, confidential mental health assistance to ensure actors, musicians, directors/producers, and crew stay emotionally healthy and sharp.

Whether you need an onsite counselor for your team, private substance abuse treatment for a VIP actor, or psychological first aid debriefings for talent and staff following a distressing scene, CCA is standing by.

Keep The Camera Rolling

Access to help and real-time support is critical for both creative talent and behind-the-scenes crews, yet there is a glaring lack of coverage for these groups, as most company-sponsored benefits for employees do not cover the production side of their business.

Our specialized programs provide crucial mental health and work-life support for your on-the-ground team so they can stay focused on capturing those magic moment shots.

CCA Entertainment Services


(Producers, Screenwriters, Directors, Lead Actors)

  • Comprehensive assessment & case management
  • 24/7 support
  • A personal connection to providers based on member preferences
  • Emotional health and work-life support
  • Referrals to specialized services such as emergency psychiatric care and substance abuse treatment


(Crew and Artists)

  • Comprehensive assessment & case Management
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access to both in-the-moment care and short-term counseling
  • Emotional health and work-life support
  • Referrals to specialized services such as emergency psychiatric care and substance abuse treatment

Hot-Set Support

Exposure to disturbing scenes can have continued emotional, cognitive, and behavioral effects on actors and staff long after the production has finished.

Our Critical Scene Debriefings help prevent these adverse reactions:

Shot List

We help your team identify and flag critical scenes and the full range of potentially heightened emotional responses for all talent and crew involved.

Call Sheet

Our team presents a walk-through of psychological first aid interventions that are proven to help manage and normalize mental and behavioral reactions.


We deliver virtual or on-set debriefings that occur in groups or one-on-one as soon as possible after shooting.

Standing By

We provide around-the-clock set support for both above-the-line and below-the-line crew.

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In-Focus Assistance

Each production set is assigned a dedicated Account Executive (AE) who works closely with management, providing consultations, quality assurance, and oversight. They customize, implement, and promote all interventions.

On-Set Support

Our onsite counselors offer convenient access for both talent and crew members to seek assistance without leaving the set. Dedicated counselors have a close-up perspective of your team and production, providing personalized care and guidance.

We regularly send our counselors as “runners” who supply immediate mental health aid in response to crises occurring amidst urgent shooting schedules.

Quiet On Set

Our team of lawyers, organizational psychologists, and behavioral experts understand and respect the critical need for producers to keep all artistic content and sensitive, behind-the-scenes matters confidential.

Proven Success

CCA has extensive experience serving entertainment companies including:

Meet Our Experts

Thought leaders with deep experience, our team of organizational psychologists, counselors, coaches, and learning professionals are at the center of everything we develop.

Meet our experts

Keith Baker, LCSW

Vice President, Entertainment Division

CCA’s Services

Our team designed these comprehensive services using our company’s core mental healthcare solutions. Explore them to learn more about how we can support your business.


Interventions designed to facilitate change.


Building tomorrow’s leaders.

Learning and Development

Increase knowledge and improve performance.


Well-being support for the individual and the organization.

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Email us at or give us a call at 212-686-6827

Specialized Services

CCA works in all industries; however, our experience has given us insight into the unique challenges the Healthcare, Energy, and Entertainment industries face. That’s why we offer specialized services that cater to their specific needs.

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