Creating Emotionally Healthy Production Sets


After increasing onset conflicts threatened to impact show production—to the point where individuals threatened to walk off the seta production company reached out to CCA for help alleviating the tense environment. 


CCA consulted with Production Leadership on how to handle on-set disagreements between talent and showrunners and agreed to deploy an onsite CCA Counselor to help mediate the conflict and help improve communication going forward.   

Having a CCA Counselor on-set provided a confidential space for individuals to vent when upset and allowed for in-the-moment support for acute stressors. In addition, the onsite CCA Counselor was able to teach the actors and crew better communication approaches to voice their concerns. 


A more emotionally healthy set environment was created and enabled show production to successfully continue. The actors and crew reported feeling both heard and supported.  

Furthermore, the onsite CCA counselor was able to share feedback with and give recommendations to Production Leadership on how to consistently create emotionally healthy sets for all future productions. 

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