CCA Protects an Organization and Helps Build a Healthy Culture in the Process


After a public service organization received several sexual harassment complaints against a supervisor, HR asked CCA to assist with swift action to protect the organization as well as restore morale and confidence among employees.


CCA immediately developed customized learning programs on Harassment Prevention for both supervisors and employees. Within a 72-hour period, CCA partnered with the organization’s General Counsel to deliver the training sessions to the entire 180-person department. To accommodate shift differentials, sessions were offered from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.


The training programs were well received; risk was mitigated. At the organization’s request, CCA conducted a review of the organization’s hiring and talent development practices to help eradicate a culture that fostered a climate of unacceptable behavior. In collaboration with organizational leaders, CCA has helped the organization take steps toward a performance-driven, values-based culture.

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