CCA provides onsite assistance to alleviate a highly stressed work environment


A large organization was suffering from the economic downturn, causing repeated lay-offs and a change in leadership that resulted in a disorganized, disengaged workforce, suffering from low morale. Symptoms included escalating absenteeism and increased use of medical benefits. HR asked CCA to help them respond.


CCA recommended adding an on-site counseling component to the EAP to provide an additional, very immediate and convenient source of support for employees. A CCA counselor was positioned on-site at the organization for individual counseling on family issues and stress management. The on-site counselor also provided a series of wellness seminars on a range of pertinent topics, including stress management, coping with change, and resiliency.


The on-site counselor has provided additional counseling and services to a broad range of employees. Absenteeism and reports of stress and stress-related illness have declined. Employees have responded enthusiastically to the counselor’s presence and the organization’s demonstration of concern for their well-being.

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