Making Leaders from Rainmakers Case Study

CCA helps create leaders out of rainmakers


A public policy and health advocacy think-tank faced a problem with several of their key thought leaders. Though these individuals generate millions of dollars for the institute, their management style was derailing the team that supports them.


CCA developed a targeted Leadership Development program designed to fine-tune the leaders’ management style. The team went through an intensive, three-day developmental seminar that required significant upfront preparation. The seminar utilized the “Action Learning” model to heighten levels of engagement and bring reality to the challenge with direct feedback on individual, team, and organizational levels in a safe and supportive context.


The Leadership Team designed a more collaborative way to work together and use organizational resources. Interpersonal conflict now fuels progress rather than being a source of derailment. The institute has matched its 2009 funding levels in 2010, a goal that was felt to be impossible given the harsh business environment.