CCA clasped hands-retention

CCA uses personalized service to increase retention during a major transition


To reduce overhead, a large financial services organization decided to transition its customer service unit to remote work arrangements. The organization wanted to retain as many members of the unit as possible to reduce service disruption. Because of the myriad issues raised by this shift, the organization’s leaders felt that employees would need help preparing for and adjusting to the transition, as well as with managing their initial reactions to the announcement.


CCA set up a dedicated phone line manned by specially trained staff to support employees in dealing with their immediate reactions. CCA also designed and delivered a four-hour Learning & Development program that familiarized employees with the requirements and challenges of working remotely and provided concrete, practical strategies for success in a remote environment. Using trend analysis from the counseling phone line about recurring issues, CCA incorporated into the L&D program a personalized response to employees’ concerns.


The customer service unit successfully transitioned to a remote environment with 90% retention of critical employees. Service disruption was minimal. Employees in the unit were able to hit the ground running because they felt prepared to handle a new working environment.