In every organization, there are individuals who are mission critical to the success of the enterprise.  From frontline managers to C-suite leaders, the actions of these individuals can propel businesses forward or jeopardize business objectives. CCA’s coaching services enable employees to capitalize on their strengths and overcome obstacles to success. Whether your goal is to enhance individual potential or correct unproductive workplace behavior, CCA can help.

How We Do It

CCA employs a systemic approach that considers the needs of the organization, key stakeholders, and of course, the individual. Our proprietary methodology, developed over 30 years, uses standardized personality assessments and 360° feedback to gain critical insight that lays the foundation for improvement. The coach works with the individual to establish clear, attainable behavioral goals and develop a targeted strategy to achieve and sustain the required change.

What We Offer

CCA offers different coaching models to achieve different objectives. We meet individuals on their level, working closely with them to achieve the changes that are critical to the organization’s success.

Executive Coaching

When shifts in behavior call for a new leadership style, CCA’s executive coaching guides leaders in making the necessary connection between style, organizational culture, and strategic direction of the firm. Executive Coaching ensures that personal style is aligned with professional and organizational goals.

Developmental Coaching

Help today’s bosses become tomorrow’s leaders. CCA’s Developmental Coaching extends the benefits of coaching beyond the executive level to your managers and supervisors. Designed to enhance managerial competence through improving communication, delegation, and leadership skills, Developmental Coaching maximizes high value talent at all levels.

Behavioral Risk Coaching

Unprofessional behavior puts the entire organization at risk. Unchecked, this behavior increases the organization’s risk of litigation, employee disengagement, and diminished performance. CCA helps these individuals understand and take responsibility for the problem to ensure it isn’t repeated in the future.

CCA helps address difficult behaviors to deliver business results

A new executive joined a senior team. Her knowledge, experience, and capability in delivering results were excellent, but her style alienated supervisors, peers, direct reports, and stakeholders.