The challenges facing today’s workforce are global, dynamic, and ever-changing.

Do your employees have the skills required to meet these challenges? Are your managers equipped to be successful? When the bar is always moving, how do you manage?

For over 30 years, CCA has used its unique blend of behavioral insight, business experience, and adult learning to develop your workforce into its full potential. Whether you need help with Harassment Prevention, Management Skills, Interpersonal Dynamics or other HR issues, we can help.

With more than 30 Learning Modules in Workplace Effectiveness, Manager Development, and HR Compliance & Risk Mitigation, we create customized, engaging programs that meet your development objectives. For a full list of core modules, click here.

Based on Best Practices

Our programs are based on best practices in adult learning.  We understand how people learn and then craft our trainings around that.  But perhaps more importantly, we know what makes people and organizations resistant to change and how to overcome that safely.  The result is training that not only increases knowledge but truly changes behavior.


We don’t provide a one size fits all approach.  Our multi-disciplinary team works with you to identify your organization’s unique learning needs.  Then we tailor solutions specifically for you.

CCA’s training programs leverage group exercises, role play, discussions, and other activities to practice new skills and reinforce learning. By using exercises and business cases that closely resemble participants’ own working conditions, we make it easy to apply the learning to their work.  We work with you to customize modules to meet your needs or can build a specific program from scratch.

We customize the delivery of trainings as carefully as we customize the program’s content — all to suit the particular needs of your organization. We offer trainings onsite, at your location or ours, or online via our virtual learning platform.

Meet Our Team!

CCA protects an organization and helps build a healthy culture in the process

A public service organization received several sexual harassment complaints against a supervisor. The organization had to take swift action to protect itself and restore morale and confidence among employees. HR asked CCA for assistance.

Making Leaders from Rainmakers Case Study

CCA helps create leaders out of rainmakers

A public policy and health advocacy think-tank faced a problem with several of their key thought leaders. Though these individuals generate millions of dollars for the institute, their management style was derailing the team that supports them.